Container Personnel Doors

We are able to supply and fit anti-vandal, steel personnel doors into our shipping containers.

Ranging from single access sizes, to larger wide-access container doors, we can install any number of doors into containerised units.  Our steel access doors are fitted with multi-point locking systems designed to offer practical site security whilst retain ease of access for use on-site.

These doors are ideal for office container conversions and also for when containers will be used day-to-day and opening and closing original container doors is not possible.  Given their lighter construction and ease of use, these personnel doors are ideal for use at schools, offices, residential and construction sites.

Doors are supplied complete with set of keys and will be painted in the desired colour (to match your container colour).  Works are carried out generally in house and custom fitted to meet individual client’s sizes and specifications.

These doors can be fitted to any side of the shipping containers, including the 8ft shorter ends, as well as, 10ft, 20ft and 40ft sides.  We can also supply container doors with glazed and laminated vision panels which also come in a range of sizes for security and ease of visibility into the actual container.

Coca Cola Superfreeze container conversion

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