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We can supply shipping containers and carry out retro-fit conversions to include any series, type and style of vents.

Our depot is able to install standard ISO shipping container vents (providing added ventilation) where necessary, as well as, install fabricated louvred container vents.

The smaller shipping vents, allow for extra ventilation without compromising on wall space and indeed on intruding on existing wall space.  These container vents are quite small and designed to allow the containers to breath to combat against moisture build-up.  We can install any number of these vents into these units and work with a number of client who require additional container vents fitted onto their units for storage on-site.

In addition, the larger louvred vents, provide maximum air-flow whilst retaining an element of security in-keeping with our containers’ anti-vandal nature.  We can either leave vents in standard steel finish, or paint these in the same colour as the container so that they blend in against the shipping container.

In terms of sizes, we can build your container vent in any size, typically above 100mm x 100m (square).  The images on this page show a vent c. 300mm x 300m size, integrated into the 40ft side wall of the shipping container.

Coca Cola Superfreeze container conversion

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