Tunnel Containers

We are able to fabricate and convert shipping containers to create ‘tunnel containers’ i.e. shipping containers with container doors at each end.

As per the images of the red shipping container below, we can ply-line the units and overlay original marine ply with heavy duty vinyl flooring.

Standard sizes for our tunnel containers, aka ‘tunneltainers’ are based on the following standard sizes:

10ft x 8ft – 20ft x 8ft – and 40ft x 8ft – we can convert both standard (8ft 6in) and high-cube shipping containers into tunnel units.

In terms of fit-out works, we can then carry out as much or as little of the interior conversions as required. Available finishes include:

  • unpainted (i.e. in original condition)
  • painted internally (in BCT grey / white finish)
  • lined internally (with or without insulation) – all cladding types available

We can, if required, also fit an electrics pack and additional items if required. Along with our in-house container fabricators and conversions teams, we work with a team of conversions specialists who can carry out advanced fit-out works including commercial spec finishes, hygienic wall and ceiling cladding, bespoke interiors, luxury container finishes and residential applications.

Specification for standard tunnel conversions include:

  • original container doors at one end
  • one additional set of container doors (retro-fitted) to the other end
  • container externally painted in our in-house colours – bespoke colours available on request

We can also organise hi-ab delivery to your site (as per images) – however units are also offered on an ex. depot basis – where you can, if required, collect the containers yourself.

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