Container Visitor Pods

20ft Bell Care Pod Social Distancing Unit

During the Year 2020, due to the impending COVID 19 pandemic, we were asked by a number of care homes, to design and supply bespoke, shipping container visitor pods, which we have aptly named the Bell Care Pod.

The container based visitor pods are based on either 20' x 8' (20ft) or 10' x 8' (10ft) standard steel containers, which have been converted into visitor pods, to allow for safe and socially distanced visitation at care homes.   Keeping both areas completely partitioned, care home residents and their friends and family can connect without coming into contact with each other.  The glass partition allows for residents and their friends and family to see each other and through the use of an audio intercom system, both sides can talk to each other face to face.  

Container Visitor Pods - Key Features:

  • social distancing by design; completely separate and partitioned areas with independent access
  • secure and anti-vandal by nature; built to the same standards as our anti-vandal site office units
  • portable; can be transported easily by lorry across the United Kingdom
  • comfortable; fully lined internally with lights, heating and power points together with laminate style vinyl flooring
  • bespoke; choose from any RAL colour and can include hand-wash facilities, additional space for storage and staff

Click on image to view project:

20ft Bell Care Pod Social Distancing Unit
Bell Care Pods Container Social Distancing 2

The container based visitor pods are secure and designed to be anti-vandal, due to their steel construction and, the doors and windows, we use, have integral locking mechanisms. Above all, the Bell Care Pods are portable and so if the care home needed to move these, or relocate the container to another site or care home, we can arrange transportation directly from one site to another.

The larger 20ft container care pod, can also be fitted with an additional partitioned area or room, which can allow for hand-washing facilities for staff and residents, such that the unit can serve other purposes, for example, prior to enterting the home, staff can wash their hands and use the area to keep their bags and clothes, away from the main care home site or as an isolation room to keep parcels, packages for a period of 72 hours, if needed, prior to being handled.

In addition, the benefit of a container based care pod, is that no third parties need to come into or even near the care home and the units can be placed, for example, in the car park or outside in the front or rear of the home, minimising unnecessary contact between third parties and care home staff and residents.  The units are designed to be 'all seasons' visitor pods and so, internally, the units are fully lined, insulated and also have lights, plug points and heating, to ensure care home residents, visitors and staff keep warm during the winter months.

Each container visitor pod, can be designed bespoke to your requirements and so there is no such format and, in addition, the design can be tailored, to your site requirements in terms of the door and window positions, to work with your required flow of people and social distancing requirements.


If you would like to look at designing a care pod, for your care home, do get in touch with us by telephone, email or complete a Quick Quote online.  We look forward to working with you.

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