Additional Container Doors

We can supply containers with an additional set or additional sets of container doors, fitted to any side or end of your container.

From creating a ‘tunnel’ container to a ‘side access’ or ‘side loading’ container, we can supply our containers to include multiple access points.

All container door sets are fitted with a steel shroud lock-box, which will just require a padlock, to lock the doors into place. Generally, all our container doors are original ISO doors complete with container locking mechanisms, to include steel locking rods and levers. We can, if required, fabricate standard flat-sheet steel doors which can be hinged at multiple points to create wider access points (greater than 8ft).

Tunnel Containers

  • fitted with an additional set of container doors at the opposite 8ft (8’) end
  • ideal when sites require access into and out of the container from opposite ends or when ‘through loading’ items into the storage container

Side Access Containers

  • fitted with an additional set or multiple sets of container doors along the side profile of the container – from a single 4ft door to a standard 8ft container doors et and up to 16ft access points with two doors sets, positioned along the side profile of the container
  • can be retro-fitted to used and new containers onto any of the side walls and into any size of container
  • ideal for side access, when loading and unloading the container along the side wall, for example, with a forklift truck or when the end of the container are inaccessible

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