Anti-condensation paint

Given that containers are essentially large steel boxes, as the temperature fluctuates, there is a chance of moisture building up (generally at the ceiling level) which, in turn, can ‘drip’ down onto the container floor. On that basis, we would always advise our customers to protect and cover any delicate or sensitive items stored inside.

As an additional measure against moisture, we are able to line the internal ceiling of our containers with a rubberised anti-condensation paint, which whilst does not remove or prevent condensation, it assists in absorbing or trapping moisture at ceiling level thereby preventing it from dripping down. As the temperature warms up, the trapped moisture should evaporate from the rubberised paint and re-circulate internally.

Further information:

  • applied to the internal ceiling (roof) of the container
  • relatively cost effective and can be supplied for an additional surcharge with our hire fleet units
  • almost the same finish (colour) as the internal walls and ceiling of the container

Internal insulation and lining

Another option, to assist with condensation problems, is for us to insulate and line the internal roof of the container. Effectively forming a barrier between the exposed (steel) internal roof and the contents of the container, this option, combined with insulation between the roof and lining, eliminates the majority of condensation issues which develop inside shipping containers. It is possible to either part insulate and lined the container (ceiling only) or for the most effective solution against moisture and condensation you can fully insulate and line the internal walls and ceiling.

Visit our ply lining or white board container lining and moisture absorbing poles pages to explore these options in further details.

Moisture Absorbent Poles

Absorpoles: these moisture absorbent poles are used to assist in reducing moisture inside storage containers. As an indication, 4-6 poles are required for a 20ft container and their lifespan is approx. 2-3 months, however, this is dependent on the number of factors, including items stored internally, frequency of use and external weather conditions.

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