Installing a standard electrics pack into your container will enhance the overall usability of your container, through the provision of light, heat and power.

Our installation process is professionally designed specifically so as not to significantly reduce the internal storage profile and with minimal structural alterations to your container.

For storage containers, adding electrics will allow you to use and access your container in the dark with added peace of mind so as to allow for 24 hour access into your container, at all times. Generally always fitted with double gang plug sockets, the electrics pack, will also allow you to increase connectivity into your container, for example, when additional appliances and devices may be required, from stock-taking machines and devices (which require mains power) to heaters, de-humidifiers and cooling appliances, adding electrics into your container provides you with many options, going forward.

For industrial applications, we can specify the installation of durable ceiling lights (either standard or LED) rated to the required specification. When specifying an electrics pack for your site accommodation unit, you can select the required location of your ceiling lights, plug points and electric-heater. All our new-build offices and site accommodation units are fitted with either LED or CATII rated ceiling lights, providing you with enhanced internal illumination.

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