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All our containers are generally factory-fitted with a durable ply or bamboo flooring; which is often more than suitable for general storage and typical container use requirements.

As an upgrade over the marine ply flooring; we can overlay the container floor with a series of options; ranging from vinyl (standard) to a heavy duty ultra-grip vinyl flooring. The vinyl flooring overlay is ideal for office and site accommodation and site welfare units, as it provides an enhanced look and feel, when units are transformed from simple storage units into offices, canteens, drying and toilet units. The ultra-grip option, provides an optimal solution, for high-use, environments where often third party use, is more common, so as to provide better grip; this option is preferred for our bespoke container conversions, for example, bars, cafes and container retail units.

As a more industrial and heavy-duty application and for certain types of container use, we can also fit and weld a steel, durbar plated floor with a chequer-plate finish, to provide added grip and for protection against leaks and spills when storing liquids inside your container. Generally the preferred container floor option for bunded or chemical storage containers; the durbar plated floor is an ideal solution when there is an increased risk of needing to clean up any spills or leaks.

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