Hydraulic Openings and Serving Hatches

Bell Container is able to supply shipping containers with upward opening serving hatches on gas dampers or for bespoke requirements hydraulically operated sides.

We work with engineers to create customised pop-up, event and retail solutions which allow for one, two, three or even all four sides of the shipping container to be operated using advanced hydraulic ram technology.

Outward opening serving hatches, are the ideal solution for container cafes, serveries and kiosks. Fabricated on a made to measure basis, these serving hatches, with outward opening shutters, allow you to display menus, branding and outward both when closed and open. Secured with a shoot-bolt mechanism, the serving hatch, can be positioned in any required location so that internally you can ensure any work-top is fitted in-line with the hatch or externally, any ledge or shelving is positioned accordingly to ensure a smooth, customer experience, when being served.

Combined with either a steel rain-guard, or larger fixed or adjustable canopy, the serving hatch and shutter system; will transform your container into a perfect servery or kiosk type container; which has a range of uses, from ticket offices, coffee shops and container bar units, to even retail shops and ice-cream type units, where you need to serve clients, display a menu without much space and ensure your unit is secure (once closed).

Containers with assisted hydraulic drop-down sides are ideal for showcasing your brand, product or even company and are ideal for trade-shows, road-shows and events.

We can build units to your exact specifications and can customise the unit internally and externally as follows:

  • hydraulic drop down or upward opening sides (on gas struts) – lifting arms / rams installed onto container side
  • externally re-sprayed in RAL colour of choice
  • awnings (manual or electric) can be fitted to the container’s roof
  • electrics can be fitted internally – bespoke retail fit-outs and lighting solutions available – fully customised to spec

Upward opening serving hatches, are the ideal solution for container bars, cafes and shops, as the shutter (when open) also acts as a canopy or rain guard; thereby protecting the customer from any rain or similar weather conditions. Often, for smaller sized openings, we can re-purpose the existing container panel, so that, when closed, the container retains the external look and feel of a shipping container; increasing the effectiveness of the converted container (on-site).

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