We are able to externally re-condition and re-spray our containers into any available colour from the RAL and BS4800 colour charts.

Using high-grade, container paints, and airless spraying technology, we can achieve a smooth, external finish; often on-par with the original factory finish. When re-conditioning used, second-hand shipping containers, opting for an external re-spray will not only enhance the external cosmetics of your container, however, will also provide increased longevity, as the paint will form a protective barrier against weathering processes, and so we generally always recommend re-spraying our containers.

For new containers, the ability to re-spray containers provides clients with the ultimate in customisation; so as to meet your specific company, product or brand requirements; whereby the container on-site is able to enhance your business through its presence, matching your company colours or simply ‘blending in’ or often ‘standing out’ – re-sprayed containers do really make the difference.

See below a selection of images of the external aspects of re-sprayed containers in a range of colours.

For a complete transformation, we are also able to re-spray containers, internally, in either the original grey or white internal finish so as to completely transform the internal aspects of your container. Wear and tear marks, simply disappear and your container will be looking new from the inside, which also enhances the internal storage environment providing increased longevity against natural processes. Units can also be re-sprayed internally to match the externally re-painted profile, for complete customisation and transformational branded, marketing and experiential containers.

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