Vented Storage Containers

To increase the internal airflow, which assists in combatting moisture issues internally, we are able to fit our containers with additional vents and ventilators.

We can supply vented containers, to include up to 24 x number ISO trickle vents with internal vent holes, as well as, larger, fixed steel louvered vents, which can be fabricated on a bespoke basis to any required size.

Venting your container will increase the ability of internal air to circulate throughout your container thereby better protecting the internal environment against condensation and moisture build-up and ensuring a circulation of air within your container. Vented containers are a cost-effective solution when combined with internal insulation and lining and electrics, offer, an enhanced and upgraded storage environment to regular steel, storage containers.

  • Further information:
    additional vents, fixed louvered steel vents or ISO trickle vents, can be fitted
  • improvise air circulation and air-flow, enhancing the internal storage container’s environment
  • when combined with insulation and lining, vented containers address internal moisture issues
  • louvered vents can be design to meet your specific requirements
  • vented containers are available for longer term hires (for an additional surcharge) and sales

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