White-Board (lined) Storage Containers

As an alternative to traditional ply-lining, we have several options available when lining your storage containers to provide an enhanced storage environment.

We can offer a lighter (white) finish internally and line the walls and ceiling with a 15mm white melamine faced particleboard. Although not as industrial or durable as ply, the white-board lined storage containers, are more than sufficient for general storage purposes and provide an aesthetically pleasing internal storage environment, due to the lighter finish of the walls and ceiling.

  • Further information:
    white-board lining, available in all our container range, from 8ft, 10ft to 20ft and 40ft containers
  • available for both (longer-term) hires and sales or purchased units
  •  high-grade and high quality 15mm white melamine faced particleboard internal walls and ceiling

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