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Foldable Offices & Foldable Accommodation – Sales Only

flat pack office units

foldable office unit (flatpack)

Introducing Folda-Kabin
The Folda-Kabin arrives flat packed, is man portable and is ideal for erecting in previously inaccessible locations.

Foldable Office for Sale

Foldable Offices assembled in 3 easy steps and ready for use in 45-60 minutes

A fully insulated, galvanised, low cost foldable office unit complete with double glazed window, single door, lifting eyes, vinyl flooring and a steel chassis.

Folda-Kabins are modular. They can be extended by adding further units to the original, either end to end or side to side to form large complexes in the most inaccessible locations. Ready to use in 45 min.

Folda-Kabin comes in 2 sizes
(L)3.299M x (W)2.304M x (H) 2.345M
(L)4.364M x (W)2.304M x (H) 2.345M

Foldable workshop / classroom or foldable office/ HQ

Foldable workshop / classroom or foldable office/ HQ








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Foldable buildings are perfect for:
• Local Authorities & Military Usage
• Construction Sites and Warehouses
• School Playgrounds, Farm Yards, Parks and Landscapers
• Highways, Gardens and Allotments
• Sports Fields and Golf Courses
• Conservation Areas and as garden Offices

Portable Offices For Sale

Portable Offices For Sale


Man portable No lifting gear or cranes required
Demountable Dismantles into flatpack form easily
Expandable Units can be linked to form a larger office
Complete Inclusive of everything required for assembly
Simple No specialist tools required
Secure Double locking system is standard.
Quick Ready for use in 45-60 minutes

Watch this video below about this low cost flat pack portable foldable buildings and offices

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