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Bell Container conversions compressor unit exterior

20ft Container Conversions – air compressor unit

We received an enquiry to convert a 20ft shipping container suitable to house 4 air compressor units. Our team of expert welders (well accustomed to undertaking complicated container conversions) were able to cut through one side of the container to house each unit, install a pedestrian access door and also ensure the interior of container was suitable for its purpose. We were able to complete this conversion within the client’s budget and on-time. The unit was also freshly painted so that it would look suitable in its new home.

If you are looking for a custom container conversion, please get in touch with us and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements further. We have seen growth in the demand for bespoke container conversions, including pop-up office containers, container galleries and canteen and kitchen containers and welcome the opportunity to convert containers for a wide variety of uses (far from the sole purpose of transporting goods!).

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