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container conversions 1+1 toilet unit (ext4)

Container Conversions – toilet unit

We were recently instructed by a client to convert a standard shipping container into a one plus one (male and female) toilet unit, complete with sink and hot water facilities. This rather compact shipping container cut-down, really shows the versatility of the humble cargo container. Recently, the term ‘upcycling’ has been used to describe the concept of container conversions and, on that basis, Bell Container has long been involved in the ‘upcycling’ movement!

The conversion project was delivered on time and within the client’s desired budget.  We were also able to deliver the toilet unit direct to the client’s site and as the unit has a rather small footprint, the it fitted exactly into the tight space.

If you are looking for a shipping container modification or have an idea for any container conversions projects, do let us know.  Established in 1983, we have over 30 years’s experience in the UK container market and have an extensive fleet of new and used shipping containers and are able to carry out bespoke container conversions.

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