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Green 40ft containers hi ab delivery

linked containers – storage and office complex

Working in conjunction with a leading architect, we completed the conversion, modification and installation of a linked storage container and office complex. Taking delivery of 5 x 40ft high-cube shipping containers into our conversion workshop, we carried out structural works and modified the containers prior to delivery works which included completely re-conditioning the containers both internally and externally prior to painting the units in our client’s chosen green colour.

Together with the transport company, we arranged for all containers to be delivered to site, prior to using a hi-ab crane to position units into place (prior to linking on-site). Four of the containers were to be used as the linked storage complex, complete with ventilation and apertures allowing for entry into each unit (from the other unit) as well as the installation of a push-bar fire exit door to one 40ft side.

The fifth container, was positioned at one end of the complex and was converted into an office and toilet unit complete with 1 x single access toilet and the other a larger wider access toilet complete with a shower cubicle. The office was fitted with two windows with steel AV shutters and a wider access pedestrian access door.

Linking works included welding steel sheets internally (at the join of each of the units) and welding the container doors closed to ensure units were secure at all times. As the images show, the conversion works were carried out both at our own workshops and depot and the linked container project was installed on-site in-time and on-budget.

The client then organised for additional shelving and electrics to be installed in the shipping containers as well as a heavy duty ventilation system.

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