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container beach shack 20ft container shop

Side loading shipping containers provide ideal containers from which to set-up and create retail units and container shops.

Allowing for access along the 20ft side, both sets of original container doors can be opened to provide 20ft opening.

We were asked to create a bespoke container shop comprising of 2 x 20′ side loading containers to allow for an open-plan retail space of 20′ x 16′. Working in conjunction with a specialist crane form, units were delivered c.200′ down a cliff face and positioned at beach level (using a tower crane).

In addition to the beach shack container shop, we retro-fitted and converted a standard 20′ shipping container with original container doors for one-sided opening (across the 8′ side) which allows for enhanced visibility and access when both doors are open.

All units were painted in client’s requested colours and fitted out on-site.

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