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Shipping container bars

We were recently asked to supply and convert a shipping container suitable for a “pop-up” bar use. On discussions with our customer, we decided to use a side loading i.e. full side access 20′ shipping container supplied new from out depot just outside London.

side loading shipping container - 20ft

new, 20′ side loading container in the depot – pre conversion

The benefits of using a side access shipping container are that the doors can open outwards (fully) which creates an ideal walk-up space for customers.  With the use, for example, of a pre-fabricated ramp, customers are able to ‘walk into’ the serving area of the unit.

popup shipping container bar

shipping container mobile bar unit

On that basis, we commenced the container conversions works at our depot, starting firstly with the external re-spray of the shipping container in the client’s colour of choice, which was a bespoke grey colour.   The client also wanted, going forwards, to use the roof as a balcony and so, we strengthened the container internally with supporting steel beams and installed a steel chequer plate flooring to roof, also painting it in a black RAL colour.

shipping container bar - popup in London (external)

External profile – popup container bar London (20ft)

After the additional conversion works by the client (including the up-cycled internal fitments) the unit was hi-ab delivered to its first home in London’s Canary Wharf, where it opened for business.

inside shipping container bar

Inside popup shipping container bar London

As the images show, the unit became the Wharf’s first pop-up container bar and many commented on the intriguing design and up-cycled elements, including a DJ deck platform built from used pallets from our depot!

DJ deck table built from upcycled pallets

If you are looking for any similar container conversions, including a pop-up bar and container cafe – please do not hesitate to contact us directly on 01707 648 400 or 0800 0285 634.  Alternatively, you can email us – or complete a QUICK QUOTE online.

Container bar - London

shipping container bar at night

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