20’ x 8’ (20ft) Partitioned Storage and Canteen Units

For sites which have limited space, our combined storage and canteen units, offer the ideal site storage and welfare – canteen solution.

Units will retain the original double doors at the 8ft end (allowing for access into the storage area) and will have a partitioned office, welfare or canteen area, with independent entry (through a steel personnel door) along the 20ft side. Generally, all units will have a lockable (internal) door between the canteen or welfare and storage areas, allowing for entry between the two areas, without having to leave the unit.

General specification of our 20ft combined canteen-welfare and storage units, include the following:

  • original double doors (at the 8ft end) fitted with a lock-box (for you to attach a padlock)
  • one steel personnel door along the 20ft side, allowing for access into the office area
  • two sliding glass windows with steel shutters (or wire mesh protection)
  • original container floor (generally office area only) overlain with heavy duty lino flooring
  • fully lined internal walls and ceiling in the office area
  • electrics in the office area, to include one ceiling strip light, plug points and one electric heater wired into a 32A consumer unit with external jack-plug
  • internal partition (between canteen and storage areas) with lockable internal door, allowing for internal access between the two areas
  • sink unit with mains connected hot-water boiler, including necessary in and out let pipes, for quick & easy connection on-site
  • under-sink cupboard (most units) for added storage (canteen area)
  • generally finished externally in either our hire fleet blue or green colours

For long term hires and for a small additional surcharge, we can customise our site accommodation units and paint in your colour of choice. Where possible, we will also aim match your requirements (in terms of layout) with units held in stock and units arriving into our depots.

20ft combined canteen and storage unit 1

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