Drying units

Our range of portable drying units, provide your site teams with a suitable drying environment as part of your complete site accommodation and site welfare requirements when on-site.

Drying units are available as either standalone units or can be supplied as a separate and designated area as part of a combined office, welfare or canteen unit.

View of range of drying units, below:

10ft drying unit from London hire fleet 062
10ft Drying
16ft drying unit 16 x 8 065
16ft Drying
20ft 20 x 8 drying unit 070 3
20ft Drying
24ft drying unit hire fleet 071 1
24ft Drying
40ft 40 x 8 bespoke drying unit 072 1
Bespoke Drying Units

Our range of hire fleet units, are available in either a fully open-plan design, for maximum internal space or can be partitioned internally and combined for use either as a combined canteen and drying unit, drying and office unit or drying and storage unit.

Drying units can also be combined with other separate portable site accommodation units on-site and, if space is limited, our range of our ISO 20’ x 8’ (20ft) drying units can be stacked together with 20ft office, 20ft canteen or 20ft storage units, on-site and supplied together with a set of stairs and landing, for upper level access.

We are also apply to supply bespoke sized units, for sale, which can be made up to 40ft (12m) to any required layout and configuration.

Typical specification:

  • Full steel, anti-vandal construction, ensuring safety and security
  • Open plan or various other configurations available to meet your needs
  • Combination units available, combining a canteen with storage space, office or canteen room
  • Insulated with full internal lining and heavy duty vinyl floor overlay
  • Internal light, electrics and heating (convector and tubular heating)
  • Suitable number of coat hooks

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