Our most popular size of office units is the 20′ x 8′ (20ft) portable office, which is an ideal solution for your site accommodation requirements for most construction sites.

Given their ISO construction and size, these units are also design for stacked set-ups (when your site has limited space) and you require multiple portable site accommodation units. For example, an office unit can be positioned on-top of a 20ft canteen unit, together with stairs and landing, for upper level access.

We maintain a young fleet of office units in our hire fleet and constantly strive to ensure older units are replaced or refurbished internally to meet the needs of all our clients.

20ft office container personnel door side 2
20’ x 8’ (20ft) open-plan office unit
20’ x 8’ 20ft partitioned office and welfare unit
20’ x 8’ (20ft) partitioned office and welfare unit
20ft office and storage container with double doors and person 1
20’ x 8’ (20ft) partitioned storage and office units

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