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Chemical Toilets – Hire 

Chemical toilets we offer for hire portable chemical toilets which are free-standing and self-contained needing no water connection or mains drainage. Conforming to all conservation requirements, the toilet is chemically charged using only biodegradable non-toxic fluids. Our hire fleet units will include a service package (including weekly clean-out and service).

chemical toilets for hire – London fleet

Flushing no mains portable toilet when mains water and drainage are NOT available and a flushing toilet is preferred.

Portable toilet with hot hand washing when mains water and drainage are NOT available.

Four bay male urinal/ Street Urination Toilet provide adequate toilet facilties to Local Authorities to overcome the unpleasant problems associated with male street urination particularly during late evenings after pub closing time.

Luxury mobile trailer toilet for that special occasions are also available.

Chemical Toilets Hire Only

Chemical Toilets Hire Only Portable chemical toilets: ideal for those without mains water or drainage.

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Chemical Toilets For Hire

Chemical Toilets For Hire