40ft shipping containers for hire

In addition to our 10ft and 20ft shipping containers, we are also able to offer the larger sized 40ft shipping containers for hire. These 40ft units provide ideal storage solutions on-site where space is no issue.

40ft containers are often seen alongside railway lines to store vital railway equipment, track and long lengths of cable (which would not fit into 10ft or 20ft containers).

Typical Features

Original ISO container doors
Factory fitted ISO container vents
Original ISO corner casts (top and bottom)
Secure, steel lock-box
Original marine grade ply floor

Sizing and specification*

40ft (40’ x 8’) ISO DV container 12.18 2.438 2.591 12 2.344 2.376 3,750 66.8

*all sizes and measurements are approximations only


Units are generally finished in original shipping line colours or have been re-painted into our corporate blue or green colours, however, should you require (for long term hires) for an additional surcharge, we can paint these containers in any colour from the BS/RAL paint charts (just let us know what colour you would prefer).

Applications for 40ft storage containers

This size of storage container is ideal for:

  • storage of longer items, i.e. >6m (length) for example, railway and infrastructure storage
  • large-scale construction sites and brownfield regeneration projects
  • commercial and industrial renovation projects, where there are no access issues
  • storage requirements for large scale events and shows with sufficient space on-site
  • commercial, retail, agricultural and industrial storage requirements with sufficient access
  • larger, self-storage container parks and sites – units can be stacked and locked together

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