We are able to retro-fit our 30ft x 8ft storage containers, with additional container doors at each 8ft end to create a ‘tunnel’ container.

These types of containers offer the perfect access solution when through-loading containers or when items stored internally need to be accessible from both 8ft ends. We fit original container doors including the container lock box to ensure each tunnel container is securable at each end, with a padlock.

30ft containers can also be modified to create entire ‘container tunnels’ ranging anywhere from 30ft to 90ft and beyond. Containerised tunnel structures have successfully been used for a range of applications, including container walkways. To create a ‘throughput’ the original container doors can be removed and units can be linked on site to form a container tunnel of any required length.

Our 30ft tunnel containers can also be supplied to include a range of options, including:

  • external steel, access ramps
  • internal ply lining and insulation
  • heavy duty vinyl flooring or steel, durbar plate (over the original marine ply)
container padlock with keys 1

Container Accessories

Visit our container accessories page to discover all the accessories and options which are available to you and let us help you find your ideal storage container.

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