Single, Mains Toilet

Single Mains Toilet hire - plastic

If mains drainage is available on-site, we offer for hire, single (mains) connected toilets. Similar, in-build and design to our range of chemical toilets, these portable, light and space-efficient toilets will require your site to connect into power, water and drainage supplies on-site.

Single Mains Toilet hire – steel

For sites which require a heavy duty, single-mains toilet block, our range of single toilet blocks, will satisfy your site requirements. All our steel (single) mains toilet units, will have a sink unit with hot-water boiler, for you to connect into mains water, drainage and waste on-site. Given their steel construction, these units are sturdier, when compared with plastic-type, single chemical or mains toilets. Generally, these units are standalone and also offer an accessible toilet.

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